Robo Suplex

Robo Suplex

My personal brand is called Robo Suplex. Most people know what a robo is (it’s short for robot), but do you know what "suplex" means?

A suplex is a professional wrestling move where a wrestler grabs his opponent from behind, lifts him off the ground and flips them over his head, onto the mat. It's a surprising move that's fun to watch...suplex

And when you add robots, it's even better! For more information about my robot wrestlers, visit the Robo Suplex Facebook Page!

Who I Am

meI'm Christina Powell! I love to create family-friendly art using playful characters and inviting colors. Whimsical design, stylized figures and robots are recurring elements in my work. In addition, I sometimes explore caricature and creative use of typography. I graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design in May 2010 with a BFA in Illustration and minor in Graphic Design.

If my style suits your fancy, I am available for freelance illustration, character design (concept art), and branding (logo, business card and stationary design). For more examples of my work, please visit my art blog!


Download my resume here: .doc/.pdf